Garage air conditioning is a system that maintains a pleasant environment both in the summer heat and in the off-season, as such systems work for heating. Such a unit should be multifunctional and with the ability to regulate the temperature itself, because the garage is a place where not only the car is standing, but also stored various items such as paint, collectibles and metal tools, which are recommended to store at fairly low temperatures. Depending on where you live, the temperature in your garage may change with a large amplitude and reach undesirable values.

Garage Air Conditioner

Installation of Air Conditioner for Garage Heating

Garage heating is an eternal issue on the agenda with the onset of cold weather in the car owners. Those of them, who really care about their cars, consider garage heating an issue of paramount importance. The arguments are simple: the plus temperature in the place where the car is stored allows it to dry well after trips in slush, rain and snow, and more importantly – create a safe environment for the first start of the engine. In a heated garage you will immediately get into the warm interior of the car, you can start the engine and immediately leave without wasting time on heating.

There are many different options for heating your garage. Each option finds its supporters due to cost, efficiency and operating costs. Garage heating is often performed with the help of solid fuel boilers, gas heating systems (with convectors), water heating, electricity, etc.

Air Conditioner in Garage

There are many examples where garage heating is performed with the help of simple domestic electric heaters and even warm floors. What about the air conditioner? Can I install an air conditioner in my garage for heating? Will the wall split system be able to heat the garage well enough?

Air conditionerThe air conditioner is far from being the cheapest option for garage heating.
The air conditioner is not structurally adapted for space heating in severe frost. Most models on the market are not suitable for use at minus 10, not to mention minus 20 degrees Celsius.
At the same time, residents of regions with a mild climate, where minus 10 is already a severe frost, can definitely think about heating the garage with the air conditioner.
Split-systemA split-system allows you to fine-tune the temperature of heating with an accuracy of one degree. In combination with the garage space’s high-quality thermal insulation, it allows you to hope for acceptable heating costs. It is easy to set the shutdown timer or on-off timer in the split-system, which allows you to minimize costs. The air conditioner has no special requirements for electrical wiring, can be easily “mothballed,” and, in general, does not impose on the owner special care during operation in the garage.

Air Conditioner for Garage Cooling

If you have encountered that in your garage, often the temperature in warm weather becomes much higher than desired, it is worth thinking about cooling the garage. There are several basic types of garage cooling systems.

  • Window air conditioners: the principle of operation of such a device is straightforward: in fact, these are the louvres, which are installed on the garage windows, and allow you to direct the flow of cold air into certain areas of your garage. The temperature drops quite quickly.
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Miniature split air conditioners: an efficient system, but more expensive than all other options, so if you do not spend a lot of time in the garage, the machine of such a system may not be appropriate for you.
  • Dehumidifiers: at first glance, it may seem that this is not a solution at all, but it is not. Very often, it may seem that it is boiling in a garage, although, in fact, it is the high humidity. And a dehumidifier may be the solution.

The ideal solution for you will depend on your budget, needs, temperature and humidity in your garage, as well as the size of your garage. In any case, it is better to contact a specialist on this issue, who will be able to say exactly which system will suit you better, correctly install it and give you a guarantee.