Sensors are an important function of the safety and durability of automatic garage doors, but they can also interfere with their normal operation. Garage door sensors are a device that prevents garage doors from closing if something interferes with their closing. 

It is extremely important to understand that garage door sensors play a crucial role in increasing functionality. Their purpose is to stop a garage door from closing if there is an obstacle underneath. Sensors reduce the risk of injury and damage to your car and other objects found on the way to the garage door.

How To Fix Garage Door Sensor

Main Problems With Garage Door Sensors

The main indicator that something has happened to the sensor is that it is not working properly. If the door does not open or close or does not do so every time you need it. This can lead to serious injuries in the future, which is why this problem is similar to an iceberg – the consequences of a sensor failure are more serious than they appear at first sight.

The most common indicators are that the garage door sensor is not all right:

  • Sensor path
  • Sensor power
  • Sensor lenses
  • Sensory moisture
  • Sensor alignment
  • Sensor age

One of the easiest ways to check the sensor is to use several cardboard boxes. You should take several cardboard boxes and place them under the open garage door to check if the garage door sensors are working correctly. Since the sensors are about 6 inches from the ground, take the boxes higher. Try closing the garage door.

Garage Door Sensor

If the sensors are functioning properly, the boxes should interrupt the light beam between them, and the door remains open. Either the doors will start closing, but then they will open without touching the boxes. If the sensors are not working properly, the door will close completely or open again after closing, damaging the boxes.

Fixing Problems With Garage Door Sensors

Depending on the problem, the repair of the sensor will be different in nature, in some cases, you will need professional help.

Interference in the Sensor Path

This is one of the easiest options to fix very quickly, just remove the obstacle from the sensor beam. Also, wash the floor well to remove all sorts of small objects that the Sensor perceives as an obstacle.

Incorrect Sensor Power

This can happen due to a power outage that caused a malfunction or poor wiring, and sometimes the sun creates problems with the sensors. If the sun rays fall at a certain angle on one of the sensors, they will interfere with the light beam and cause problems. 

If it is a matter of wiring, then it is worth checking all the wiring that powers the sensor, but it is worth doing it with special equipment so as not to hurt yourself. If you do not have the skills of an electrician, it is worthwhile to contact a professional.

Dirty Sensor Lenses

If you live in a busy street and the garage door is often open, dust and dirt will accumulate on the sensor lenses daily. Since they are the size of a pea, they easily get dirty over time and stop sending the signal needed to close the door. Use a soft microfiber cloth to remove all dirt from the lenses, but be extremely careful not to scratch them. Make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned, the sensor should work if this is the problem.

Fixing Problems With Garage Door Sensors

Sensor Moisture

This is one of the most common reasons. This is because many of the sensors are exposed to rain. Under these conditions, it is best to wait. It would help if you waited until the moisture has dried up and then clean the sensor well with soft microfiber.

Sensor Alignment

Sensors with incorrect sensor positioning are not uncommon. Check that the alignment is correct. If there is room for adjustment, make sure the sensors are facing each other.

Sensor Age

If you use the sensor for a long time, the problem will be the wear and tear on the sensor itself. Sometimes the wear is so severe that it is beyond repair. At such moments, you can always think about completely replacing the sensors. 


Even if you do not have any sensor problems, you should check the sensor periodically as a precaution. However, a failure of the garage door sensors can have a significant impact on their operation, your safety, and the integrity of your vehicle. If you’re not sure if your garage door sensor is malfunctioning, it’s worth checking with professionals to make sure it doesn’t get worse. The company 1800 Garage Doors and its team of certified professionals are committed to providing the best service for your garage door and its components, their years of experience can certainly help you.