Because you rely on it for easy access to your garage, you expect that your garage door should function efficiently all the time. Unluckily, a malfunction on any garage door system mechanism may deny you this service by making it very hard to operate.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Whitby

A broken spring for instance makes your garage door immovable and must be repaired to restore efficiency. Irrespective of your garage door type, its operation relies on either of the two types of springs, that is torsion or extension springs.

Signs of broken spring

Before you call a technician for a broken spring, you should have noticed either of the following sigs:

  • Noise
  • Door falls too quickly as you close it
  • Door opens too slowly
  • Loose garage door cables

Repairing or attempting replacements of damaged garage door springs is a precarious mission which needs expert knowledge to execute. For this reason, never attempt to repair wrecked garage door springs by yourself. We have a team that is experienced in torsion spring repair and comes with high-quality parts, tools and skills needed to fix shattered springs efficiently and more safely.

Call us any time, any day, anywhere in Whitby, and we will begin the repairs immediately.

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