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We welcome you to our garage door repair Newmarket company. We have been a proud partner serving all the GTA for many years.

Residential Garage Door Repair

If you have a damaged or weak residential garage door, it will always take away your peace. Whether it is a squeaky pulley, or the cables that just won’t stop coming off, you can count on our experts to fix it within the shortest time possible. Even if it is a more serious case like broken torsos, we will fix it in no time, because we value the safety of your home.

Commercial garage door repair

A damaged commercial garage door can really unsettle your heart. Due to the constant movement of these doors, their pulleys and cables tend to wear out quite fast. The good news is that our experts can fix all your issues, whether it means replacing the pulleys or the cables. We will also check the resiliency of the springs and replace them if they are worn out, to save the motor from also getting worn out.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Your garage door can sometimes breakdown without any early warning signs. You may have just arrived home on a winter evening to find your garage door frozen. Do not worry: our experts have the best means including modern heat guns that will melt the ice within no time. If it is broken glass, we will replace them in a surprisingly short time.

Garage Door Repair Newmarket

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One thing that will definitely cause panic is a damaged overhead garage door. This one can cause serious damage, including fatal accidents if not immediately taken care of. If your overhead garage door was fixed with the old automatic garage door openers, then you are right to contract us. We will replace the old openers with modern automatic garage door openers which have auto –reverse and auto-stop capabilities, and are therefore far less likely to misbehave or cause accidents

Garage door repair

We offer garage door repair services in Newmarket, with unmatched expertise that will give you absolute value for your money. In general, some of the garage door repair services that our experts provide include spring replacement and repairs, roller replacement, and endplates replacement. We also repair broken garage door cables and bent garage door tracks. If you need hinge services or garage door opener repairs or replacement, then Garage Door Repairs Newmarket is the best to contact.

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We are all the same people as you. We need good service and good life. Therefore, we more than anyone else understand your need for good working and serviceable things in the house. And we give you what you need, because this is our work.
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We responsibly approach not only the tasks set, but also your time. We understand that problems with the operation of the garage doors are dangerous and unpleasant, so we work quickly and very efficiently. We are proud of our professionalism!
Low cost
Forget about high costs and huge prepayments. In order to improve your home, you do not need to spend a fortune – you just need to use the services of Garage Door Repair Toronto. Our work will be very useful to you and you will not spend unreasonable sums for domestic breakdowns.
Guarantee services
We are sure that we are doing and sincerely want you to trust our work and our company. All our services have a guarantee that will really make you believe in the integrity of our team and the quality of our work.
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It is a real problem after a while. You don't want to make things worse after time passes. What materials are they using. The quality of the materials used is checked and is always on top.
Speedy results
Slow down. You'll see what you're looking for. Quality does not mean slow. Thanks to our friendly team and their fruitful work, you get what you ordered.
Experience skills
We carefully select the work team, train, train and test them.
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It is your desire to listen to you. It is going to be you.

Garage door opener repair

Regardless of whether your garage door opener is chain or belt drive system, garage door repair Newmarket has experts that will always work the magic even in the most unpromising conditions that they can ever be in. We don’t just rush into fixing the opener; we will check and fix issues with the rollers and brackets. We will also check the door balance and expertly adjust the torsion for optimum perfect balance. And do not be worried if your garage door won’t reverse automatically. We know that this can pose a great danger; and that’s why our expert will precisely work on the rollers and advise if you need new rollers.

What more? Our professionals are always here to help with expert guide if you will need to replace your garage door opener. The experts know exactly which garage door opener will be best for your door; whether it needs ½ hp or 1/3 hp, or even ¾ hp for a door with wood faux overlay.
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  • Amazing job done!

1800 Garage Doors is a great company! The tech was on time. There was no way to push them about. They did a great job.
Samuel R., Toronto

  • Work done on time!

Highly recommend 1800 Garage Doors, appropriate charges. Excellent job! Beyond pleased. Thank you!John H., Mississauga

  • Professional staff

Good fast service. Great installer. Thanks, set up all my remotes, and cleaned up after done, thanks.
Alex R., Toronto

Garage door installation

At 1800 Garage Doors in Newmarket, we not only repair damaged garage doors, but we also install new ones. Whether it is full installation, or installation of new modern parts, it is what we are known for. We care about your security; that is why we will suggest and install for you the best quality parts. For example, our experts are the best at installing the new ultra-modern door opener with digital codes that makes it impossible for even the smartest techno-thieves to break in

For your garage door repair and installation needs, get in touch with Garage door repair Newmarket, and you can be sure you will get the best.

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