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While torsion springs cannot flex and extend fully, extension springs fully expand and contract when used on doors.

Torsion Springs vs. Extension Springs

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    Torsion Springs

    Compared to extension springs, torsion springs are stronger and long-lasting. For this reason, you will have to part with more money when purchasing a torsion spring. Torsion springs also last longer with a record 20,000 cycles. Extension springs, on the other hand, can only sustain half these cycles. Practically, if you install extension springs on your garage door, it is likely to last for seven years if you open the door four times a day. Torsion springs on the other will last twice the same time.

    For torsion springs, the motion is controlled. However, extension springs are usually known to jerk while in motion. When you open a door with extension springs, you will feel some stiffness before it starts moving freely. Torsion doors present a different scenario altogether. The door will open and close spontaneously without a single hitch. You most definitely desire to have a properly balanced door that comes with torsion springs. This is different from the extension spring experience when you will have to adjust your door from time to time. These adjustments are likely to cause further damage to other parts of the door.

    Extension Springs

    Extension springs also tend to have a lot of components compared to torsion doors. More parts mean a higher risk of complex problems. Torsion springs present a different scenario altogether. They have fewer components, thus easier to manage. Just by lubricating the torsion springs, you will hinder any damage from occurring to the spring.

    When you use torsion springs on your door, you can be assured of minimized instances of tear and wear. The springs will enable your overhead door to operate efficiently without necessarily needing more power that is the norm with extension springs. As such, the door’s operator does not have to struggle to either open or close the door. This is made possible by the balance attained when torsion springs are used. Your door will most definitely last longer with a torsion door in place.

    In the event of a breakdown, extension springs are more dangerous compared to torsion springs. There are instances that extension springs have slipped and flown through windows. In such cases, the likelihood of fatalities is increased. Torsion springs, on the other hand, seem to be safer as they don’t fly in the same manner. Although there is the possibility of a loud bang, the spring will stick to the shaft. For either case, you must call in your door technician.

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