You may have purchased a home or you are a residential property owner in Whitby and you are interested in changing the old garage doors. Or maybe you are a victim of storm wreckage which makes it very necessary to change your garage door for an improved home security.

garage door installation in whitby

Our garage door installation services in Whitby are highly rated by the many customers we have served in the city and neighbouring villages. Which is why we have high customer return rates across Whitby.

We handle all garage door installations as emergencies and will make sure the work ends in under one day.

Why choose us

While following all the manufacturer’s recommendations during your garage door installation, we will make sure that you, your family members or staff are safe during the installation period. On completion, we test doors for safe operation after installation to ensure your family or staff or customers are not exposed to the dangers that come with poor installations.

We also inspect the following to ensure the installation improves your home safety:

  • Weather-stripping; for an airtight insulation
  • Rollers and brackets; for free play and smooth operation
  • Hinges; free play and smooth operation
  • Cables; spring tension
  • Door springs; tension and door safety

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Our Other Services in Whitby

We are pleased to offer our customers a full range of garage door services at Whitby. If you are at Whitby and you need qualified professional help, just call us or leave a request on our website. Our specialists will help you at any time of day or night.What we offer to our customers:  

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