The problem of how to keep garage cool in the summer heat is especially important for those who have to work in it all the time. In case your garage has no windows, this task can be challenging to perform, and you will need additional devices in the form of air conditioning.

How to Cool a Garage

Alternative Garage Cooling

The easiest and most reliable way to cool the room would be to install a garage air conditioner, but not everyone can afford this option. Some consider an air conditioner’s purchase to be an unjustified luxury, while others are concerned about the overrun of electricity. In any case, it is worth exploring all the alternatives to keep garage cool in summer.

Garage doors and windowsThe easiest way is to keep the garage doors and windows open. There will be a constant circulation of air, which, in addition to reducing the temperature, will also help to reduce humidity in the garage, remove unpleasant odours, but the disadvantage of this method in its security: at night it is necessary to close the windows and doors, to avoid unpleasant consequences.
Park the car cooled downA car that has been warmed up all day in the sun, in an enclosed space, will behave like a sufficiently large and powerful radiator, heating the air and things around it. Let it cool in the shade, or pour a bucket of cold water on the roof of the car to reduce the temperature of the car at least a little.
DehumidifierAt first glance, it may seem that the dehumidifier is not the solution at all, but it is not. Higher humidity in a garage can increase the temperature, and it will seem that the temperature is higher than it actually is. Plus, a dehumidifier helps control the microclimate of a garage and keep it in good condition if it stores some valuables and things sensitive to rust and mould and other effects of high humidity. In fact, the dehumidifier does nothing with the air temperature; it does not blow out the room, but removing excess moisture, will help solve many problems in the garage. You can easily combine the dehumidifier with any kind of air conditioner if one dehumidifier is not enough for you.
Special curtainsOne of the main sources of garage heating is the sun. The sun rays enter the garage through the windows, and the lack of air circulation causes the temperature to rise. Special reflective curtains will help prevent the sun rays from entering the garage. They are available in different sizes, textures, colours and patterns; you can choose those that match your personal style.
Color of garage door and roofDark colours absorb heat, light or white roof and door will reflect the sun’s rays and keep your garage cool.

Garage Air Conditioners and Garage Vents

If you are looking for a permanent solution to cool a garage without windows and maintenance its microclimate, it is better to install the appropriate equipment.

Garage Vent Installation

There are two main types of garage vents:

  • Sideways: it is better to install two or more pieces to get the maximum effect.
  • Ceiling: the vent, which is attached to the ceiling, has large and powerful blades. It is usually installed in a single copy. It is more expensive than the side ones.

In this case, the best way to cool a garage is to choose an industrial vent and refuse from the household because the garage area is usually not small, and the industrial vent will allow you to reach a comfortable temperature in the shortest possible time.

Garage Air Conditioner

Attic Ventilation Openings Installation

Warm air has the property of going up, which is why installing attic ventilation holes can be a cooling solution for your garage. Install the ventilation holes at the front ends of the house, thus creating a flow of air that will help you ventilate and cool your garage.

Garage Air Conditioner Installation

The most expensive option, but also the most effective, is the installation of air conditioning. There are many air conditioners, the variety of which depends on the budget, speed of operation, method of installation, additional functions, etc. They are durable and durable in use and are usually fixed to the ceiling and ventilated from the outside. Such units help to reduce the temperature to the necessary; as a rule, they have a temperature adjustment, which is very important.

The disadvantage of this option is that it requires a professional installation if you have no electrical engineering experience.


To have a garage where you can equip a mastership, a recreation area, and a storage room, but not to forget the original foundation – the storage of your vehicle – is a great investment. How to ensure the necessary microclimate in the garage is an individual decision of each homeowner, but do not forget that only professionals can make a quality, long-term, and problem-free installation of all necessary devices for cooling your garage you decide to do so.